Sunday, September 20, 2009

Using Visual Imagery

I thought this assignment would be easy: Find an image using Creative Commons and share how you plan to use it in class. I teach kindergarten so I had a million ideas when searching on Creative Commons. I searched city blocks, to look for letters and words. Then I thought about using a picture of clouds and having students interpret the images that they see. Next I thought about colors, shapes or maybe numbers. There were actually too many choices. After a dozen or so searches and viewing 40+ pages of photos I narrowed it down to ten pictures. The picture that I eventually choose came from the search: geometric shapes. The picture was taken by T Hoffarth and posted on Flickr. The title of the picture is Power Lines. I will use this picture with my kindergartners to reinforce the idea that triangles have three sides and three points and that this means even when you change the dimensions (angles and/or size) of a triangle it is still a triangle. When the image is placed on the Smartboard students will be able to use the Smartboard markers to identify and outline various triangles in the image. I may also print the image out and give it to partners with the same task of outlining triangles in the photo.


  1. Another absolutely and perfectly appropriate use of technology with kindergarten students!

    Now, I don't know if this is too much, but what if you had a few pictures of geometric shapes that they could look and find the triangles? So, after you do one as a class, they can explore others as well? Almost like a pile of postcards on their tables (but printed pictures instead). Just an idea...

  2. Great blog! I'll be sharing with teachers in my district (Eastern Ontario, Canada). Loved the descriptions of the students' relationship to technology.