Saturday, February 28, 2009

Working on Big Ideas for Younger Students

I have been introduced to many new ideas, concepts, and tools to help me embed technology and information literacy into my teaching. At times I have felt a little overwhelmed but more often I was excited about what I was reading, hearing, learning, doing, discussing, sharing, etc. I have come a long way in the six weeks of this course but I know that I have a long way to go still. With each new idea, concept, and tool I am usually left with one question – “How can I use this or introduce this to my young students?” I have decided that I need to start looking for others who have the same question or have already answered the question. I am lucky because my first connection was an easy one. Vu and I have worked together for the last two years as part of ISB’s first grade team. We are constantly collaborating and working through new ideas to benefit our students. Now we can both help each other through the ups and downs of using technology to enhance our teaching while exposing our students to a variety of multimedia technology tools.

Since Vu and I are already part of a very collaborative team it was easy for us to work together to complete the final project. We were both new comers to the format used to plan the lesson but by working together (and some phrasing help from Kim) we were able to help each other through it. Our idea of using Skype to bring a far away Mystery Reader into our classrooms was an easy fit to our established curriculum and routines. Now all that is left is to execute it, learn from it, and celebrate our successes and failures together!

Thank you Kim & Jeff for starting me on this journey. You both made it easier for me to take some chances and try some new things.

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  1. Thank you for being willing and open to try new things! I am so excited to see how the Skype mystery reader turns out!

    You are so fortunate to have such a great team here at ISB. If you ever feel that you do need to look outward, though, I recommend some of the Nings that were mentioned in class on Saturday. There are some amazing grade 1 teachers around the world thinking and working on the same things that you write about here. Why not tap into their experience and expertise too?