Monday, October 12, 2009

Another First

Here is a look at my first YouTube upload:

Originally I used the pictures in this video on the SmartBoard to present and review the Roll & Record game to and with my students. So turning it into a video was the next step and it really wasn't that hard. The hardest part was actually convincing my daughter to do the voice directions for me. It did take longer than I anticipated but then again most of my projects do.

I'm not sure my "How To" video counts as a digital story but I used a variety of tools to get it done:

* digital camera for stills & video;
* ipod with a Belkin TuneTalk for the audio;
* iphoto, itunes, and imovie to edit, organize, and create;
* and of course YouTube to upload and embed the video into this blog.

Hopefully by varying the format and delivery of the activity I will reach a few more students.

Digital stories are the perfect medium for me to use with my young students. We all know that seeing is more powerful than hearing. It is also good to vary delivery techniques. My students love to watch videos where they are the stars. So - I can see that it would be highly motivational to use my students in the pictures and their voices to narrate. (A little hint of how my final project will differ from this one.)

Now with the young students it is finding the balance of their part and my part while trying to make the most of student contact time and preserving my own personal time.

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  1. I love it! Not only is it great for the students to see you model this kind of instruction, but I'm already thinking how helpful it would be for parents (you could have all sorts of activity videos like this on your class blog and share them with parents), substitutes (it's like you're still there!), new teachers (oh, this is what the activity looks like in practice!), or even for virtual school (hint, hint) or even just to share different types of learning activities with other grade levels/classes/schools.

    How great would it be if your students made these and you shared with another school that was doing the same. We'd have tons of student-friendly, engaging and exciting activities to choose from.