Friday, October 30, 2009

Reading Workshop Goes Digital

With the help of a few friends (not just teachers & colleges), my students, and a variety of technology tools, I now have a digital representation of what Kindergarten Reading Buddies do when they are in their partnerships. I used the video as a mini-lesson to reinforce what the students have already learned and again during the same Reading Workshop time to wrap-it up, evaluate, and share.

Have a look:

You can see the Kindergarten Reading Buddies project page on the COETAIL wiki - just click here. Attached to the project page is the digital storyboard that was used during the planning and creation of the video, along with a list of the tools that were used.


  1. Cindy!!! I am so proud of your work for creating this project! Video is such a powerful tool in the classroom, and it is super fun too!

  2. This is fabulous Cindy! I hope you are planning to share with the rest of the ES! I know these are exactly the kinds of things that we are looking for as examples of best use of technology to support learning. Did your students enjoy the finished project? I wonder if they'd be able to reflect on how it could help other students and if they'd want to make more?